Have You Lost Faith In Finding Your True Love Match?

“Inspiring Story Of A 40-Something
Couple Who Cured Loneliness,
Anger, Hurt, Desperation And Fear
And Found Long-Lasting True Love!

And Now You Can Too…

“Attention 40-Somethings. Stop The Relationship
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Times And Discover The Secrets To Live Happily
Ever After With The Partner Of Your Dreams.”

Get Off The Relationship Merry-Go-Round And Find The Happiness You Deserve. Avoid The Mistakes Of The Past And Move Forward With Confidence.


To: 40-somethings who are “unlucky in love.” Would you like to end your pain, frustration, anger, loneliness and feelings of inadequacies about separation, divorce and failed relationships once and for all?
From: Sharon Millington and Jim Kennedy, Australia’s popular relationship mentors who have found love after 40.


Dear Lonely Heart,

Let’s face it….
Feeling lonely sucks! Doesn’t matter how positive you try and be sometimes, right?
The hurt just sits heavily inside you like a dull pain wanting to set up permanent residence!
Well, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want a life like that.
I still hung onto the hope that one day…just maybe… I’d find my true love… and, pardon the cliché, live happily ever after. Know what I mean?
Sure, I had many moments of doubt, believe me, but here’s the good news…
This childish dream of finding “The One” did come true – and it can for you! But I must warn you…
If you’re not properly prepared, you can sabotage your chance of it happening.
I don’t want to scare you, but it nearly happened to me. I found my true love – and lost him! Not just once either. You’ll hear all about it as you read further.
Look, I know my story will help and inspire you. And I know that, you too, can find (and keep) your true love… no matter what age you are!
Okay, enough rambling. Let’s begin, shall we?
You’re about to discover how I found love after 40, after I’ve given up on love and settled for a lonely life without a partner who would stand by me, cherish me and support me with all his heart. This is our story…

Our romantic getaway

When I met Jimmy we both felt an immediate connection. Only I was not ready to enter into a serious relationship as I had just separated from my husband 3 months earlier.

I was still grieving the loss of my marriage and was distraught thinking that my husband was not going to be around to help me raise my son.
My husband had been unfaithful towards me. I was devastated. It was a betrayal that was caused from years of having grown apart. My husband and I simply stopped connecting on any level and our marriage grew stale. We just co-existed under the same roof.
To make matters worse I blindly failed to notice what was happening… until it was too late.
Then Jimmy and I met and I felt once again what love feels like. But I’m jumping ahead. Let me tell you how this all came about…
So while I was developing strong romantic feelings for Jimmy I also felt:

  • Emotionally stressed out to the point of breaking apart
  • Betrayed by men as a whole
  • Depressed because I felt like a failure.
  • Incapable of letting go, of falling in love without restrictions because I was afraid to be cheated on again
  • Scared of having to give myself to another man, losing my fledgling feelings of freedom (of self) in the process.

In short… I was a mess.
When we met for the first time Jimmy had already been divorced for 7 years and was still searching for his soul mate. He too had kids; two daughters aged 10 and 7.
Our relationship progressed from the initial meeting to a few dates. We realized that we both had strong feelings for each other and we wanted to spend more time together.
Hey do you remember how it felt when you fell in love as a younger person?
That’s what happened to us. We were inseparable.
But cupid had other plans for us…

Looking for love

During the 7 years Jimmy had been divorced and before he met me he spent tens of thousands of dollars on self-mastery techniques, workshops and books. Jim wanted to know himself inside out.
He also spent countless hours trying to figure out how he could transform himself into someone who would attract the lifestyle he wanted.
This included the woman of his dreams.
In his search for true love Jim had his fair share of dates. Thanks to his search for self-mastery he was able to figure out exactly what he wanted in a life-partner.

I Had Found the Man of My Dreams, But Then It All Went Wrong

I soon realized that Jimmy was the man of my dreams. And I ticked boxes for him that he didn’t even know he had.
So taking in account our relationship history, and our strong feelings and mutual attraction, things should have been smooth sailing…
BUT – it was not that easy.

I Had Checked Out from Getting Emotionally
Involved With Another Partner

Due to my broken marriage I was not emotionally available for a relationship, so Jimmy and I broke up shortly afterwards.
I needed time to heal and time to grieve.
Jimmy knew we had something special and was prepared to wait for me.
If you’re like me and really want to know what it takes to get through all this stuff, then you can benefit from our advice because we’ve been through it.
And if you want the best advice to ensure you attract your ideal partner then you need to keep reading…

What Happened Next…

A love lost

So before our new love was given a real chance of life Jim and I broke up. You can imagine how we felt.
We were devastated!
Jim felt the split more so than me because I was clearly not ready for a big relationship at that point in time. He had already committed to me 100% and was looking forward to our future.
Breaking up was tough. I felt like my guts were ripped from my body once again. It hurt, and despite my reservations about entering a new relationship I was sad to see Jimmy go.
It’s not that we didn’t try to fix our issues or that I just told him to leave.

We had lots of
unresolved issues

I’m not sure it’s true, but I believe in love at first sight, so what happened to us made it really hard for me because I felt my whole belief system was based on fake perceptions – even so my heart told me otherwise.
We tried everything. We argued. We made peace. We read the “happy-in-love” books and listened to the advice of relationship counselors, but nothing worked for long. The problems we faced were deep-seated and couldn’t be fixed with a “fit-for-all” remedy.
Some of the stuff that was holding us back was:

  • My belief of a loving relationship was broken.
  • Our parenting styles were very different.
  • Our families were giving us conflicting advice.
  • I was still grieving the loss of a marriage.
  • We had no idea how blended families worked.
  • We both had intimacy issues brought forward from previous relationships.
  • We were both dragging our old baggage forward into our new relationship (and everyone has baggage, wouldn’t you agree)!

We tried everything to make our blossoming romance a success, but nothing worked.
Needless to say, we broke up.
What followed was a 3-year long emotional rollercoaster during which we split up and got back together again 7 times! Eventually things turned so bad that Jimmy was no longer prepared to wait for me.
So Jim let me go and moved interstate. He had to make the split for his own sake or become an emotional cripple.
But then something happened that I still cannot fathom…

The Much-Needed Realization That Changed

When I realized that I’d lost him completely I decided enough was enough.
I wanted to be happy and I wanted Jimmy in my life. Almost instantly it became clear to me that I hadn’t done the real healing and grieving necessary to make our relationship work.
I was heartbroken…. he had just walked out of my life… I thought it was forever this time. I was getting depressed, lost, alone and scared.
Here’s the scary part: I’ve almost found a perverse kind of pleasure from suffering my pain. Because of my deep-seated unresolved issues I believed that I “deserved” to suffer. I had no right to find true love.
To cut a long story short… once I realized that I had to change or forever lose the man I loved deeply I finally managed to break down my blockages, using a set of tools. Tools we had developed in the years we had been together to help us strengthen our relationship, yet tools I was afraid to use until Jim left for good because I was still hanging onto my old baggage.
Once I started using them, these tools literally changed my life!
Finally I was able to boldly step forward and claim the love I deserved with the man of my dreams – with Jim.
Needless to say, today we are going as strong as ever. Now it’s your turn to find the same happiness. When you find that love, hold on to it and cherish it for the wealth and richness it brings to your life.
We will show you how…
If you’ve ever asked yourself “how much more pain, suffering, loneliness and heartache do I have to endure before I can find the partner of my dreams,” then now is a good time to pay attention.
You are not alone.

Why You Must Change Your Limiting Beliefs If You Ever  Want to Find True Love

We Show You Why Your Current Belief System Stops You From Finding
True Lasting Love And How You Can Take Control Of Your Relationships’
Moving Forward…

Here’s the thing, even if you find this hard to believe right now, the woman/man of your dreams is out there. We show you how you can activate your “love receptor to attract that person to you magnetically.
So who are we to make these claims?
Our names are Sharon Millington and Jim Kennedy. We’ve found lasting love and the partner of our dreams after 40. Prior to knowing each other we went through divorce, raised kids, overcame depression, battled with suppressed anger, felt lonely, and experienced just about every other emotional meltdown associated with a failed partnership.
Let us tell you that we know how you feel right now because we’ve been there – on several occasions.
Back then we had limiting beliefs that stopped us from finding the love of our lives (each other).
It took many failed trials, emotional hurt, and a boatload of anger before we both discovered the reasons why we failed every time we entered a new relationship.
Why? The reason is simple. You see, at first we were madly, passionately in love. As with any blossoming romance you don’t care for the finer details of making a relationship work. You just want the fun, the excitement and the feeling.
Eventually we started to look closer at our behaviour. We questioned the way we perceived an honest relationship. And eventually (after more pain and suffering) we managed to move past the pain.
Then something changed… (you already know when, but now you’re about to discover what we did to make it happen).
In a minute we’ll look at what we’ve done to turn our lives around. We show you why our relationships kept failing and why the discoveries we made can help you change your bad luck right away.

7 Reasons Why True Love May Evade You…

After years of coaching people in a situation similar to yours we have nailed the major pain points that stops people from finding true love.
What we found is that it takes two to tango. If there are unresolved blockages (usually from each partner’s past failed relationships), or if there is a lack of communication, then the love doesn’t stand a chance to grow and be nurtured into a long-term partnership.
Have you ever experienced this first hand?
Let me tell you, it’s not something you want to put your hand up for voluntarily.
So back to the story: While helping our coaching clients find true love we discovered that there is a common thread that is the cause for most failed relationships and the reason why you are still looking for your ideal partner. Below are the 7 reasons responsible why love may have evaded you until now.
1. Bottled up emotions that are kept inside: Chances are high you were told as a child to be a good girl/boy and not make a fuss when you were upset. This learned behaviour has accompanied you for life and it’s one of the major reasons you struggle to find the right partner.
2. Loneliness: We wrote an eBook that shows you easy-to-follow ways to make sure you can say goodbye to the feeling of loneliness forever. If your partner and you have stopped communicating then it’s only a matter of time before the relationship breaks apart. Good, strong communication is key to long-lasting love and happiness.
3. Lack of self-love: How can you expect others to love you when you don’t love yourself? End your woes by accepting yourself for whom you are – with all your faults (physical and emotional), and become magnetic.
4. Egotistical behaviour: A strong, happy relationship is founded on a balance of give and take. If you expect your partner to be the giver all the time, but you lack the ability to give back, then the relationship is doomed because it doesn’t stand a chance.
5. Unresolved hurt: Before you can move forward you have to resolve past hurt. It’s not fair to burden your new partner with crap that’s happened before you met her or him. Get rid of old pain with our simple, actionable exercises that help you move from the now to a happy, love-filled future.
6. Inability to change: Love is complicated. Happy couples consistently work on their relationship to keep it fun, exciting and passionate. If one partner is unable to change bad habits then it puts the relationship at risk.
7. No clear direction: Unless you know where you’re headed you cannot expect to get there. It would be like driving your car in a strange city without a GPS. You’d certainly get lost.
In life and LOVE you need clearly defined goals – what do you want your perfect partner to look like? What character traits should her or she have? How do you expect to be treated? Unless you have a mental picture of your soul mate you play the hit-and-miss game forever.

Banish Emotional Hurt Forever With Our Proven Secrets to Long-Lasting Love And a Stable Partnership

Whether you seek to add a new sparkle to a stale partnership, or find your dream partner in life we can show you how easy it is once you know what it takes to do it successfully.
Before long you will know:

  • How to attract the partner of your dreams and keep him or her.
  • Ways to get rid of old baggage, thanks to our simple-to-use tools.
  • Simple ways to communicate your needs with a new love and make the relationship work, without having to give up your self or forfeit your values.
  • The difference between dating in your 20s and dating in your 40s (it’s not what you think).
  • The 7 revealing questions you must ask a potential partner to tell whether he/she is committed to you.

After years of experiencing relationship failure first hand we’ve discovered the secrets to finding love after 40.
Once you know these secrets you are armed against the common pitfalls in time for when the next romance blossoms.  
Plus, with our expert guidance you can be the perfect partner WITHOUT having to give up your SELF.
Picture this: You are lovingly wrapped up in the arms of your dream partner 6-12 months from now. You never knew that love could be this good. Somehow you never had the chance to experience what should rightfully be yours anyway.
Fact is, you can have all that and so much more. Want know how?

3 Reasons Why You Need These Tools NOW, Especially If You’re Over 40

Aside from putting an end to the woes and the emotional hurt it’s time for you to move on. You’ve suffered enough!
You deserve better than that!
Reason #1 – Time: You know that time is precious. You are no longer 20 with an armful of suitors trying to rope you into a one-night stand.
Since you hit 40 you’ve wondered whether you can ever be happy in love. Maybe you put on some excess weight, or time has made your body less supple and sexy. As you got older you started to become more self-conscious about your looks.  
All the heartache has led you to doubt whether you are good enough for romance. You’ve almost given up on love…
Reason #2 – Wrong Perceptions About Love: What they told you about love, and how you’ve perceived love until this moment in time is all wrong.
We help you put an end to this madness with our simple, actionable tips so you can start the rest of your life on the right track – today.
Reason #3 – A Shared Bond: Not having that special bond with someone close to your heart is a chance missed at experiencing bliss.
Would you want to miss out on being able to share your most joyful and memorable experiences in life with a partner in return for double the fun?
Fact is you don’t have to. You can have it all…
YES, even after all the heartache you’ve gone through.

How to Become a 40-Something Love Magnet

People who attract love magnetically do so because they have developed a magnetic personality. We call these people love magnets.

  • They attract the opposite sex without force.
  • They have made peace with themselves and accept their faults and shortcomings.
  • They know that true love happens from within, irrespective of looks, body shape and ethnicity.
  • They accept themselves for whom they are – just like that. It makes them so attractive to others.

You have it in you to do the same. I’m not kidding you. Find out how….

Introducing the “How to Find Love After 40 eBook”

Jim and I have spent years perfecting our relationship. We’ve made the silly mistakes, we’ve even broken up a few times… and yet, today we have a thriving, satisfying partnership that is based on mutual respect, love and passion.

This Is Not For Everyone

Despite the fact that our eBook “How to Find Love After 40” can help men and women find and rediscover love we want to give you a word of warning.
We don’t want to sell our eBook to everyone.
In fact, we only want serious people to buy this eBook. People who have recognized the need for help. People who struggle to find love, and or make their relationships work. We want to help people who understand the importance of mentoring from someone who has suffered the same pains, but managed to turn failure into success.
If you’re one of the following please save yourself the trouble and go rent a romantic movie instead.
Tyre kickers: If you’re not 100% serious about finding your ideal partner, a person who supports you wholeheartedly and is ready to share their lives with you, then this eBook is not for you.
Dreamers: If you believe you can dream up your ideal partner, but fail to work on yourself, your issues and solve the pains in your relationships, then you kid yourself about the reality of love and romance.
Whingers: People who spend their time complaining and whinging about anything and everything are not welcome to purchase our eBook.
When you click that pay now button expect to get ready for a total change in your life (for the better). But it takes work. Commit to love and happiness now and never look back again.
The How to Find Love After 40 eBook unlocks the secrets to finding true love.

  1. You can be yourself and find happiness in love – we show you how.
  2. Transform your life into a fairy tale and find your very own prince charming or princess with simple tools that help you see love in a new light.
  3. Stop wasting your time on dinner dates and online dating… read this eBook first.

The “How to Find Love After 40” eBook Shows You

  • How to move from frumpy and depressed to attractive and happy.
  • How to become a magnetic personality that attracts the opposite (or same) sex with ease.
  • Simple strategies you can perform to banish those relationship woes once and for all.
  • What your parents never told you about love – and why this continues to affect your relationships in a negative way.
  • Simple tricks to avoid senseless arguments before they become a big white elephant to threaten your relationship.
  • 5 Ideas that transform a relationship from stale to sexy (and YES, this works for everyone!)

So you’re angry, depressed, disillusioned about love in general and you had a gut full. Frankly, you are not to blame. If you knew what we know now you’d be pinching yourself about the stupid, silly mistakes you made in the past.
What we’ve found with the people we’ve coached is these mistakes may have cost you your marriage, your relationships and your self-esteem.

Fact is most adults make the same mistakes. They fail to realize the impact these mistakes have on their lives and on the lives of their partners and kids.
It’s sad really when all you want is to fall in love and stay that way – without the anguish, the arguments and the stress of separation and divorce.
Here’s the thing; it’s not your fault.
Until you read the “How to Find Love After 40″ eBook you may forever struggle to have a successful relationship with your dream partner.
You grew up with the wrong ideals. Your parents unknowingly lied to you (they didn’t know better themselves).
Have you ever watched a romantic movie and when it was finished, when the heroine got the dream man, you ended up feeling angry and resentful.   It made you feel neglected.
You asked yourself questions like:

  • How come the people in movies seem to always attract their ideal partner with ease, yet you struggle to do the same, despite your best efforts?
  • Why do the men I meet fail to cherish me like a goddess like they do in the movies?
  • How come the women I date never want sex after the initial honeymoon period has worn off? Why does she turn her back at me most nights?
  • Why do I feel so unloved and depressed every time I see a happy couple?

What you experience in those moments is a conflict of raw emotions, triggered by unresolved hurt. Unless you know how to bring up, resolve and move past these pain points you cannot move on.
And you are not alone.
As a matter of fact we think it’s a fair guess that many couples feel similar feelings. They may be trapped in a relationship from hell, and don’t know how to move on, or they have already left their husband/wife and struggle to piece back their lives.

Jim and Sharon with “their” Kids – a happy ever after

What You Can Do to Change and Revive
Your Love Life

There is hope for you. And just so you don’t feel cheated, I’m going to offer you a solution…
How to Find Love after 40” uncovers the REAL reasons why millions of couples fail to stay together for the long term. Or why they fail to break up, despite living in a bad relationship.
When you read the book you experience plenty of aha moments. You also realise that the blame is not just yours or your partners’. It goes much deeper than that.
The reality is that you have a lot of unresolved feelings. Unless you work through them you will always be unlucky in love.
When you think about it, it’s not fair to burden your new partner with stuff that’s happened years ago.
In case you haven’t noticed, attractive people always get what they want and if you don’t have the “looks” of the ideal woman/man then you have to make up with other weapons of attractions.
The great news is you can.

Become a Magnetic Personality

Here’s the thing: You probably know one or two people who easily seem to attract love, luck and fortune in life. These people have what we call a magnetic personality. The good news for you is that you too can become “magnetic.” Some of the traits that make these people stand out from the masses are:

  • Magnetic people always get what they want. Everything seems so easy for them. Whether it’s attracting their dream partner or snatching their dream job from under the nose of the other applicants – they get it.
    But do you get what I’m playing at here? It’s important you do because it can change the whole “dating game” for you forever.
  • Magnetic people shine from within. No matter how hard you try to ignore their sunny nature (especially on a day when you feel like crap) you can’t help but love these guys for their happy-go-lucky attitude.
  • Magnetic people are at peace with who they are (inside and outside). They seem to have accepted themselves with all their faults. You never catch them saying something bad about their “body,” “love life,” or about “anyone.” They have learned to avoid negativity and gossip and as a result are happy and fulfilled.
  • Magnetic people have a tendency to think positive (they see the glass half full, not half empty). As a result they appear joyful and upbeat to the people around them.
  • Magnetic people attract people with ease. They have strong personalities that are not driven by ego, but by a mere need to share the joy and the love with others. They are a fun-loving kind and easily make friends with any gender.
  • Magnetic people get what they want from life and love. They already know their values and the kind of person they want to attract as a romantic partner or friend.
  • Magnetic people live a fulfilled and happy life. Because of their strong understanding of themselves and the people around them these people tend to have all the fun and make the most of every day.
  • Magnetic people know that their destiny is up to them. They understand the natural laws and how they affect life, relationships and love. Instead of waiting for good things to happen to them they go out and make it happen.

Successful people have managed to change their attitude and as a result their life changes for the better.
It’s true.
To be successful at anything you first must understand that success starts in your mind.
Unless you have the right mindset, you can never be truly successful at anything. Your attitude affects success in business, in your job, in love and in most aspects of life.
But success alone cannot work unless there is balance – yin and yang, light and dark, good and evil.
Here’s the thing…
Every single person on this planet has good and not so good personality traits. We all have “issues.” The sooner you accept the fact that nobody is perfect, the sooner you find love.
Looking for prince charming with rose-coloured glasses sets you up for failure from the start.   This is why you must have clearly-defined values about your dream partner. And you must keep them real.
Love after 40 can be your reality as long as you’re prepared to get uncomfortable first. You need to face your fears. You also need to dig deep within and get clear about love and life in general.
Since Jim and I have been together we have met many couples that found their dream partner late in life. Many of them are our clients; readers like you who’ve bought our eBook.

Banish Limiting Beliefs Once and for All With Our Simple Tools and Exercises

Our successful clients knuckled down and worked on their goals, their visions and their values.
It’s interesting to note that most of them managed to turn depression, sadness, loneliness and fear into something far more fun and exciting once they discovered how truly wonderful they all are on the inside.

You ARE Worthy of Love

Some people experience nothing but heartache, anger and hurt, while others live magnificent lives.
The difference between the two groups is that the latter has come to understand the importance of self-love and how it affects their love life.
Let me tell you right now that you deserve love. No matter what other people may have told you in the past, you are a loving soul that deserves to be happy, a person who just needs a little help from a friend to make that transition to happiness.

Be Free Of The Current Blockages That Hold You Back in Love

Take charge of your romantic destiny now. With our guidance you can:

  • Develop a magnetic personality
  • Adopt a positive mindset
  • Experience joy from within
  • Discover self-love
  • Practice self-acceptance (including your mistakes)
  • Show others your true self-including your bad traits
  • Express your emotions and feelings without blame and ridicule
  • Enjoy better self-esteem
  • Stop the blame game
  • Let the past go and move on
  • Lose the feeling of neediness
  • Take charge of your own happiness, irrespective of whether or not you find a partner
  • Tear down the protective walls and make room for new love – it’s a bit like throwing out old clothes to be able to buy new ones

Look, I don’t mind if you’re still not 100% sure about our offer. To sweeten the deal for you I am taking all the risks on my own shoulders so you don’t have to.   What have you got to lose now?

Get Peace of Mind With Our Rock-Solid, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

When you buy our eBook we extend you a no-questions asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

In the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied after you’ve read the eBook you can simply contact us for a full refund.
But wait, there is more…
Not only do we offer you a no-brainer deal on the book itself, but you also get 4 bonuses (worth $275.90) absolutely FREE. And you get to keep these bonuses no matter what!

Here’s what you get when you order the “How to Find Love After 40 eBook.”


“Companion Workbook ” This eBook is valued at $197 BUT it’s Yours FREE

  • Work through exercises to help you discover exactly what’s holding you back
  • Discover your personality profile and what it all means in a relationship
  • Step by step instructions to create your dreams list, values, roles, goals and an easy to follow action plan all with the expert guidance as it we were sitting in the same room with you
  • A very powerful exercise to uncover old hurts, overcoming anger and sadness and also guided exercises to take the journey from the head to the heart


“Interview Series – 25 years together and still in love ” This eBook is valued at $39 BUT It’s Yours FREE

  • We have interviewed 5 couples and found the top 10 things they have in common
  • How to get through the difficult times and come out laughing
  • How have they adapted to change
  • Have there been times when you just wanted to give it all up?
  • What advice would you give couples just starting out?


“Affirmations audio” This audio is valued at $19.95 BUT It’s Yours FREE

  • A recording of powerful statements that assert the existence of something positive
  • Positive affirmations are a very powerful tool used to change how each individual thinks and feels about themselves
  • With this recording you will be able to reprogram your internal subconscious mind, changing the negatives into positives
  • This can be applied to any and every aspect of your life that you want improved


“Relaxation audio (meditation)” This audio is valued at $19.95 BUT It’s Yours FREE

  • This audio will be extremely useful for quietening the mind and reducing anxiety
  • It is one of the best methods for reducing stress and improving general well-being
  • This practice for 30 minutes a day provides an opportunity to increase our skilfulness in the interaction with others and our environment
  • We usually find that our minds are full of repetitive and distracting thoughts so we teach techniques to rid ourselves of any way of thinking that is not helpful

So let’s recap what you get…

What You Get Value Your Investment
How To Find Love After 40 eBook $39.00 $39
FREE Bonus #1 “Companion Workbook” $197.00 Nil
FREE Bonus #2 “Interview Series – 25 years together and still in love ” $39.00 Nil
FREE Bonus #3 “Affirmations audio” $19.95 Nil
FREE Bonus #4 “Relaxation audio (meditation)” $19.95 Nil
Total $314.90 $39.00
Special Early Bird Discount Slash $10 off $29.00

Get your copy now for only $29!


P.S. Stop the emotional rollercoaster once and for all. With our “How to Find Love After 40” eBook you are moments away from finding true love. We give you our proven tools and techniques to attract your dream man or woman and help you develop a long-lasting relationship with them. For the low cost of a meal in town $29 you can literally end your love woes right now – guaranteed!

P.P.S. We put our money where our mouth is and back you up with our no-questions asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. In the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied after you’ve read the eBook you can simply contact us for a full refund. The ONLY thing you can lose here is your chance of finally finding true love!

P.P.P.S. As a thank you for taking your time to purchase and read our eBook you also get 4 amazing bonuses (worth $274.90) for FREE – without strings. You can keep these no matter what – even if you decide this eBook is not for you.


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